Romeo Tan, Elvin Ng suffer minor injuries after bus slams into their taxi in Taipei

Romeo Tan (left) and Elvin Ng were involved in an accident in Taiwan on Aug 29 which left the duo with minor injuries.
Romeo Tan (left) and Elvin Ng were involved in an accident in Taiwan on Aug 29 which left the duo with minor injuries.PHOTOS: ROMEOTAN/INSTAGRAM, ELVINNG/INSTAGRAM

A taxi driver refused to take Singapore actors Romeo Tan and Elvin Ng to their destination.

But they had better luck hailing another taxi - an MPV type.

They were also fortunate to escape relatively unscathed when the MPV was hit by a bus.

"We're very lucky because we were in this MPV. The driver of the first cab that we got rejected us. His was a sedan, and the accident could have been a lot more serious if we were in his vehicle," Tan told the portal.

"The rear windscreen shattered completely so the glass might have rained down on us. However, because it was an MPV that we were in, the glass fragments fell into the boot instead."

The accident, which occurred on Thursday (Aug 29) at about 7pm, left the duo with minor injuries.

They were in Taiwan to promote their new drama, All Is Well.

Recalling the incident, Tan, 34, said: "Something hit us super hard from the back within seconds of us stopping at the traffic light.

"We were both looking at our phones and it happened out of nowhere, we didn't have any time to react."


Ng, 38, said the impact of the collision felt "like we were hit by a train. We didn't know what it was, but I knew for sure that it wasn't just another car".

Both of them were buckled up at the back of the MPV.

"We're generally fine, though we'll probably feel the whiplash tomorrow morning," Ng said, adding that there are bruises on his knee and some pain in his ankle.

Tan has pain in his ankle and knee.

The two proceeded with their activities after the accident.

"Xin Mei jie (Taiwanese host Pauline Lan) arranged for us to have dinner together so we decided to come here and assure them that we're doing fine.

"We also had a live broadcast scheduled so we wanted to go ahead with it since we're okay," said Ng.

All Is Well is a Taiwan-Singapore collaboration.