Psy's new single Daddy chalks up the views

The opening of Psy's new song Daddy.
The opening of Psy's new song Daddy.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE

Is Psy really back?

The South Korean singer-rapper's wacky new music video has racked up close to 5 million views after one day on YouTube.

The song, Daddy, is one of the lead songs in Psy's seventh album released on Tuesday (Dec 1),  his first since hit single Gangnam Style made him a household name in 2012.

Daddy is in a mix of Korean and English, and has the oft-repeated line "Hey, where'd you get that body from?/I got it from my daddy" in the chorus.

In the video, Psy debuts a new dance move which involves violently flinging both his legs and arms.

He also appears in multiple guises, including a baby, student and balding middle-aged man.

Gangnam Style was a YouTube sensation, with more than 20 million views in under a month.

It now holds the record for the most-watched YouTube video ever with 2.4 trillion views.

Psy's next two singles, Gentleman (2013) and Hangover (2014), had lukewarm receptions.

Gentleman's official music video has 8.9 million views on YouTube while Hangover has about 2.3 million.

Psy, whose real name is Park Jae Sang, had admitted that he was under tremendous pressure following the success of Gangnam Style. He was so overwhelmed that he wanted to give up writing songs, he told The Korea Herald.

This new album came about after he sorted out the "voices fighting in my head", he said.

Besides Daddy, Bell-Bottoms (Napal Baji) is the other lead track of the album. The retro funk song features CL or Chaelin Lee of 2NE1.

The title of the album, Chiljip Psy-da, is rather literal as it means "this is Psy's seventh album" in Korean.

While many have praised his new song for being catchy, it also invited comparisons to The Black Eyed Peas frontman's I Got It From My Mama (2007), which includes a familiar refrain.

Apparently, the homage is "entirely intentional", said K-pop site, which also reported that contributed to Psy's latest album.