One Direction fans in Singapore make plans to support band

One Direction fans Leong Xinyi (right) and Desiree Choo (left) plan to put on a coordinated light spectacle for the upcoming concert. -- PHOTO: DESIREE CHOO
One Direction fans Leong Xinyi (right) and Desiree Choo (left) plan to put on a coordinated light spectacle for the upcoming concert. -- PHOTO: DESIREE CHOO

When One Direction sing their 2012 hit tune Little Things at their upcoming National Stadium concert, the five of them can expect to see a sea of red and white lights shine from the audience.

Explains local One Direction fan Desiree Choo: "It's like a tradition for their fans around the world to hold up their mobile phones and light up the concert venue whenever they sing the song, but we wanted to make it red and white to represent the colours of the Singapore flag."

The 23-year-old runs local Twitter fan account 1DirectSG, which has more than 1,800 followers.

Several local and regional One Direction Twitter and Instagram fan accounts such as hers have banded together to come up with "fan activations", a term given to coordinated moves planned by fans at major events such as concerts.

Besides the coordinated light spectacle - those facing the stadium's right side will be flashing white lights while the ones facing left will shine red - there is also the "bandana project".

As most One Direction fans have their own favourite group member, they will be encouraged to wear different coloured bandanas to signify their support.

Harry Styles' fans will wear green, Zayn Malik's fans yellow, Liam Payne's fans red, Louis Tomlinson's fans blue and Niall Horan's fans white. The five can also expect to see pictures of their younger and current selves held up by fans when they sing recent single Night Changes.

The buzz among local One Direction fans intensified in the middle of last year when it was announced that the group will be staging their highly anticipated first concert in Singapore.

Although they meet up sometimes, most of the communication and planning were done via Twitter and WhatsApp messages.

Possibly to prevent a commotion or stampede at the airport, details about the group's arrival and movement in Singapore are a closely guarded secret. Even the managing director of the concert's promoters Live Nation Lushington, Mr Michael Roche, says he and his team do not have the details yet of when they boys will fly in on their private jet and how long they will stay here.

He adds: "They change their minds all the time, we don't know yet if they are coming on show day or the day before."

The band are known to not spend the night at the cities that they play in. When Life! attended the Brisbane stop of the current tour earlier this month, the group flew in to the Australian city a few hours before the show, were driven straight to the gig venue and were reportedly driven back to their plane after the gig ended.

Still, fans such as Meroshini M, 22, who co-runs 1DAsiaCrew, a Twitter account for One Direction fans in Asia, will be closely monitoring social media for the group's movements in the hopes of meeting them when they are here.

"We've got friends and sources who will be checking out hotels and the airport to see where they will be when they are here," she says.

As long as they have verified information, she adds that they will try to rush to wherever the boys are, unless it is the day of the concert itself.

While the National Stadium does not allow overnight queueing, she adds: "You can bet we will be in line as early in the morning as possible."

Eddino Abdul Hadi

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