Monday blues for Seungri, Choi Jong-hoon, with police booking duo on new charges

Former BigBang singer Seungri and former FTIsland member Choi Joon-hoon were booked on new charges, with the former booked for embezzling money and the latter booked for filming and sharing a sex video. PHOTOS: AFP, ONE PRODUCTION/MARCUS LIN

SEOUL - It was the Monday blues for Seungri and Choi Jong-hoon as the police booked them on new charges.

Former BigBang singer Seungri and Yuri Holdings chief executive Yoo In-suk are said to have embezzled money from their club Monkey Museum, with portal Soompi reporting that the police are probing over how much money was taken.

Seungri and Yoo launched the club in 2016.

Seungri, 28, has already been booked for procuring prostitutes for would-be investors of the Burning Sun club, and sharing an obscene photograph.

Former FTIsland member Choi, 29, is in hot water, booked for filming, and sharing, a sex video.

Choi, who reportedly also shared sex videos shot by other people, has also been booked for bribery to cover up his drink-driving.

Both Seungri and Choi have announced their exits from showbiz.

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