Mayday member Monster to marry his bandmate's sister-in-law

Mayday's Monster (left) and Stone.
Mayday's Monster (left) and Stone.PHOTO: ROCK RECORDS

TAIPEI - Four down, one more to go?

Mayday leader Monster confirmed on Wednesday (Nov 18) that he is marrying his bandmate Stone's sister-in-law, which will leave vocalist Ashin as the last single man in the rock group, said United Daily News.

Monster made the announcement on Facebook, after Next Magazine said he and his girlfriend Lu Chih-ying were holding an engagement banquet on Friday, and a wedding in December.

He shared a photo of two hands wearing wedding rings and a post that read in part: "When we are together, there are more things to do and more places to go to. When we are together, I feel the beauty of caring and being cared for."

He added: "Let me take care of you. Yes, we do."

The band's label, B'in Music, would not confirm the wedding date, however. It said the group had been busy recording their ninth album, reported Apple Daily.

Monster's wife-to-be is the sister of Stone's wife Lu Ting-ying, who is better known as Gougou or Doggy.

Monster, 38, and Chih-ying, about 32, dated for more than two years, said Apple Daily. Chih-ying, who plays the guitar and writes songs, once worked as her brother-in-law Stone's technician.

Stone, who has two sons with his wife, said of Monster and his sister-in-law: "I believe that he will make them both happy, because she needs him and they also see the light in each other's eyes."

Besides Stone, drummer Ming and bassist Masa are also married.

Ashin's sexual orientation has been speculated about for years. According to the latest issue of Next Magazine, he has been living with a female assistant for two years. It is unclear whether she is a girlfriend or a friend.