Male models strut back in Zoolander 2

(REUTERS) - Male models Derek and Hansel are back and facing high stakes in Zoolander 2.

Film studio Paramount Pictures released a first look at the film known for its looks with a trailer on Wednesday (Nov 18).  The original Zoolander film, which was a spin-off of a VH-1 skit by Stiller, became a cultural phenomenon after it parodied the world of high fashion.

Once again the sequel is written and directed by Ben Stiller and features many big name cameos including Justin Bieber, Benedict Cumberbatch and Kristen Wiig.  Will Ferrell returns as the fashion mogul who acts more like a James Bond baddie and only Derek and Hansel with their modelling powers can stop him.  

Zoolander 2 will start hitting cinemas internationally from mid-February 2016.