Local actor Duan Weiming, who is diabetic, glad that he does not have to undergo amputation

Local actor Duan Weiming returned home on June 5 and found his right knee red and swollen. PHOTOS: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

SINGAPORE - Local actor Duan Weiming, who is famous for his role as coffee shop assistant Ah Cai in Channel 8 drama serial Neighbours (1986 to 1988), was hospitalised recently.

Duan, who said in a media interview in February that he is nearly 60, told Shin Min Daily News last week that he returned home on June 5 and found his right knee red and swollen.

Duan, who is diabetic, did not pay much attention at first but had problem walking the next day after his condition worsened.

He went to see a doctor last Monday (June 8) and a test found that he has a high glucose level. He was referred to a specialist instantly, and arrangements were made for him to have an operation at the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Duan, who described the waiting as scary, said he was sent to the operating theatre last Wednesday after a few rounds of having his blood pressure taken and his blood drawn.

He admitted that he knew he is diabetic, but did not see a doctor nor take any medication. He said he regretted his inaction as it led to an operation.

"This is the first time I went for treatment. Please see a doctor if you know you are unwell, as you may regret it if it turns out serious," he told Shin Min. "I hope all diabetic patients can treat their condition seriously."

He said that he was lucky that he did not have to undergo amputation of his leg.

Duan has a small role in the third season of HBO science-fiction series Westworld, which was partly filmed in Singapore.

He was earlier scheduled to act in the sequel to Channel 5 drama 128 Circle, but filming was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Duan, who has received notice that filming would resume on June 24, said he has told the crew about his condition, and they were discussing how to work around it.

He said he would also be acting in a short film and should have no problem as filming begins only in July.

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