K-pop boyband Shinee reveal their beauty secrets

Korean boyband Shinee and girlband Red Velvet were flown in as the ambassadors of Korean duty free retailer The Shilla Duty Free, which opened a new outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 4. ST PHOTO: YIP WAI YEE

SINGAPORE - If fans have ever wondered how the boys of popular South Korean boyband Shinee can look so refreshed despite their hectic travel schedules, they actually have various tricks up their sleeves.

Shinee member Kim Ki Bum, better known by his stage name Key, reveals that he changes into sleepwear as soon as he boards the plane.

"I always take a set of comfortable pajamas with me whenever I fly. I cannot walk through the airport in pajamas, but I change into them once I get on the plane so that I feel better rested," said the 26-year-old.

He added that a bit of light makeup always helps.

"It is not uncommon for men to wear some makeup these days, on top of a good skincare regimen. I recommend a bit of BB cream or CC cream," he said, referring to the tinted face creams that are acronyms for blemish balm cream and colour correcting cream.

His bandmate Lee Tae Min, better known simply as Taemin, said that he forces himself to sleep through every flight. That means no distractions via his smartphone or in-flight movies.

"I think it's very important to sleep all the way. It really helps with jetlag too," he said.

Shinee and Korean girlband Red Velvet were fielding media questions at a press conference held at Changi Airport on Friday. The two groups were flown in as the ambassadors of The Shilla Duty Free, the Korean duty free retailer which opened a new outlet at Changi's Terminal 4.

On Friday (Nov 24) night, they were scheduled to perform at a concert at Suntec Convention Centre specially organised for eligible customers of the store.

As The Shilla is best known for carrying a wide range of beauty products, the majority of the questions at the press event were about beauty and skincare. Questions were pre-selected by the moderator, and no other follow-ups from the floor were allowed.

Red Velvet member Son Seung-wan, better known as Wendy, shares that her beauty secret is simply to use as many face masks as possible. "I have a lot, a lot of masks," she said.

Her bandmate Kang Seul Gi, better known as Seulgi, said that the make-up removal process is as important as when one is putting on make-up.

She said: "We often wear very heavy make-up on stage, so I put a lot of emphasis on cleansing afterwards."

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