K-pop boy band Infinite's press conference tailored to tickle fans' ears and melt their hearts

K-pop band Infinite at City Square Mall on Nov 13, 2015.
K-pop band Infinite at City Square Mall on Nov 13, 2015. PHOTO: THE STRAITS TIMES

Some fans of Korean pop group Infinite waited more than 12 hours to see idols for just 30 minutes on Thursday night (Nov 12) at City Square Mall.

Teen fan Ng Yih Der, 15, says: "I'm happy yet sad at the same time. Happy that I finally got to see them, but sad that it was for such a short time. 

"Hopefully there will be more interaction with us at their concert tomorrow night." 

She was speaking to The Straits Times after a 30-minute public press conference at the mall. 

Infinite are back for their second concert here on Friday night (Nov 13) at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. They last held their concert in Singapore two years ago. 

The boy band comprise leader and main vocalist Kim Sung Kyu; rappers Jang Dong Woo and Hoya; and singers Nam Woo Hyun, Lee Sung Yeol, L and Lee Sung Jong. They are aged between 22 and 26. 

After making their debut in 2010, the seven-man outfit have gone on to release hits such as Destiny (2013) and The Chaser (2012). They recently released their new EP, Reality, in July (2015).

More than 1,500 of their fans here turned up at City Square Mall armed with placards and stools to get a better view of them during the press conference. Fans say that some among them came as early as Wednesday evening (Nov 11). 

All questions asked at the press conference were pre-selected from those  submitted by the media. 

Clearly, Infinite’s replies during the Q&A session were tailored to melt the hearts of their die-hard fans.

How do you keep fit? 

Sung Jong, 22, says: “I feel energised just by hearing the voice of my fans. I also take vitamins and ginseng that my fans gave to me.”

What do you do when you're bored in the hotel ? 

Sung Kyu, 26, says: "I like to play games. I think about you guys, my fans. I also think about my mother." 

What's your must-have winter item? 

Dong Woo, 25, says: "My fans’ warm hearts." 

To top off all the saccharine sweet replies was the answer to the question about the biggest challenge faced by the Infinite’s lads.

Hoya, 24, who’s real name is Lee Ho Won, says: “The biggest challenge that I’ve had is that I haven’t been able to  see my Singapore fans for the past two years.”

Cue screams from adoring fans.