Chiling Lin responds to Jerry Yan romance reports: Not yet

Jerry Yan and Chiling Lin were spotted at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
Jerry Yan and Chiling Lin were spotted at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Kuala Lumpur.PHOTO: WEIBO/YAN CHENGXU FAMILY

TAIPEI - Hold the confetti. Taiwanese supermodel Chiling Lin has poured cold water on the speculation that she has got back together with her former boyfriend, actor Jerry Yan.

She said through a close friend in English: “Not yet, just get in touch,” reported Liberty Times on Monday (Nov 13).

Lin, 42, and Yan, 40, were sighted at Mandarin Oriental hotel in Kuala Lumpur last weekend, after 11 years apart.

He appeared to acknowledge a resumed romance when he told Apple Daily on Sunday: "I'm happy to be in contact with her. We're sincerely looking after each other."

Speaking to ETtoday website, Lin’s mother said the two might have made up a long time ago. “If they feel good, then it’s certainly okay by me,” she added.

Mirror Media weekly also said it had been informed at the start of the year that the two were preparing for a secret wedding in Bali and ordering bridal wear.

Reports said Yan had met up with Lin for the Singles Day weekend, at the end of her work trip to Malaysia.

Lin, who left for China on Sunday evening, was pursued by reporters at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, but would give only a playful shrug in response to questions about Yan, said Apple Daily.

However, netizens zoomed in on a photo she posted on Weibo hours earlier, which showed her in a swanky bathroom, and wondered if Yan had taken it.

For years, Lin and Yan have been hailed as Taiwanese entertainment’s best-matched former couple.

They were first photographed together in a cinema in 2002, but they were not considered an item before she was spotted going to his home one night in 2003.

In 2005, photos of them in bathrobes surfaced, after she sent her mobile phone to a repairman.

After they broke up in 2006, she had a more lustrous career than him, starring opposite Tony Leung Chiu Wai in the 2008 epic Red Cliff and opposite Takuya Kimura in the 2010 romance Moon Lovers.

But this year, she suggested that she was switching her focus to her personal life, when she said on the talk show S-style Show in May: “I think I should stop about now.”