Jay Chou speaks up for his friends in a row over wife's fake love note

TAIPEI - Jay Chou took a break today from his honeymoon to address an issue that had threatened to cloud the first days of his married life.

The Taiwanese pop king is in London with his bride Hannah Quinlivan following their fairytale wedding in England last week.

In a Weibo post near dawn, Chou spoke up for his friends after his dance teacher Snow made comments that angered the manager of Taiwanese singer Show Lo.

What set off Snow, who is known as Ice Cream in Mandarin, was Lo's response on TV on Saturday about a fake love note Quinlivan wrote to Lo when she was 14 years old.

It was unveiled while she was on Blackie Chen's variety show Blackie Teenage Club in 2008.

Yesterday, Lo was on Dragon TV's Dancing With The Stars show which screened the old clip of how Chen discovered the letter in her house.

His comment about Quinlivan's sentiments of "unrequited love" was reported as: "Like is like. Admire is admire. But it is Jay Chou she loves. Good wishes to them."

But Snow yesterday accused him of digging up an old matter to use Chou for self-publicity. On Weibo, he said Lo knew well enough that the letter was actually created for the show by the producers.

He was unhappy with why it was brought up seven years later, Apple Daily Taiwan reported.

Chou's choreographer Hsiao Mai also accused Lo of giving an answer that created trivial news.

That had Lo's manager rebutting on Instagram. She clarified that Lo was replying to a question posed to him on the show, telling Snow: "If you don't like him, don't misunderstand him."

Today, on Weibo, Chou, 36, appeared to calm the waters.

He told his friends: "In speaking or standing up for me, you can only mislead people. I think you have worked hard.

"Don't sweat about certain things. It's enough that we ourselves know," adding, "But you issued comments without asking me first... I guess this is being brothers!"

Quinlivan, 21, also responded, writing on Instagram that the matter was trivial and asked people to treat the old clip as entertainment.

She posted a selfie of herself with Chou, wearing a Chelsea scarf, while watching a soccer match in London.

They have been spotted shopping, catching trains and queueing for buses like ordinary folks.

Meanwhile, Lo at a promotion yesterday appeared dismissive of the incident, saying: "Let it go with the wind."

Once friends, he and Chou were at one time rumoured to have fallen out. In 2010, he appeared on Chou's talk show, putting those rumours to rest.

Snow and Hsiao Mai were at an event in Taipei today for their band Cug. Band member Ken denied that the attack on Lo was an attempt at publicising the band.

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