Iceland goalkeeper Hannes Thor Halldorsson brings creative spin to iconic Skol chant in Coca-Cola ad

Iceland's national goalkeeper Hannes Thor Halldorsson became an instant football hero on Saturday (June16) when he saved a penalty from Argentina's Lionel Messi.

But the player also happens to be a film director in his other life. He gave a creative new spin to Iceland's iconic Skol chant in a new Coca-Cola advertisement which he directed and which will air in Iceland during the World Cup.

The country's unique position as the smallest ever to qualify for the games means that many of its players hold second jobs outside of the pitch, reported Business Insider.

Halldorsson, 34, worked as a film-maker and previously directed Iceland's video entry for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, among other works. He now plays for Danish club Randers FC.

He quit his director job to focus on football four years ago, but recently made an exception for the Coca-Cola commercial.

In the commercial, which was posted on YouTube last Tuesday (June 12), Halldorsson takes viewers through scenes of life in Iceland driven by the rhythmic beat of the Skol chant.

The "viking clap" gained international attention during Euro 2016 after thousands of fans gathered in Reykjavik to celebrate the Iceland team's homecoming after its surprise win against England during the quarter-finals.

The chant starts out slow, with two beats of the drum and a single clap over the head, before it becomes increasingly faster. It is sometimes accompanied by a thunderous "ha!".

On Saturday, Iceland scored their first World Cup goal in their match against two-time winners Argentina.

The Group D opening match at the Sparktak Stadium ended in a 1-1 draw.