Hunger Games locations revealed

(REUTERS) - Hunger Games director, Francis Lawrence, returned to some of the large-scale industrial sites in Berlin used in the latest installment of the hit franchise.

Berlin's Kraftwerk site and Tempelhof airport pop up in scenes throughout the film, set in a dark, dystopian future in the fictional land of Panem.

"It was actually quite difficult to find an interior environments that felt like they were underground, that didn't have a lot of doors, that didn't have a lot of windows and a lot of vents and things like that," said Lawrence. "And this felt like it could be underground with the supports and the vaults and all of that, and we really liked these lanes and decided that it would be perfect for Beetee's [Hunger Games' character] weapon and armory."

At Tempelhof -- a monumental structure built up to its enormous scale by the Nazis -- the director says the aesthetic, as well as the history, of the place had drawn his eye.

Lawrence said, "We chose it based on the kind of architecture, so it happened that the kind of architecture and the architects, itself, of this structure, was doing the designs of the Germania. So there was an aesthetic quality to these kind of buildings that are quite beautiful, quite graphic, very powerful and imposing as well and we wanted to make sure that the Capitol was infused with that quality."

Mockingjay Part 2 brings the blockbuster franchise to a close and is set for a glitzy world premiere in the German capital on November 4.