Godzilla rears its ugly head over Japan's Shinjuku building

Its eyes are fiery read. Its rows of sharp teeth menacing. Its giant scaly head looms over Tokyo's downtown skyline, gazing into the masses at the heart of downtown Tokyo's Shinjuku district with its ferocious stare.

The terrifying monster is none other than Japan's famous giant lizard monster Godzilla and a life-size replica of the creature's head now hulks above a cinema complex run by Toho Cinemas that is soon to be opened, Rocket24News reported. Toho Cinemas is the movie company that more than 60 years ago produced the original monster classic that has now spawned a huge movie franchise.

Located at Kabuki-cho, the glitzy part of the Shinjuku entertainment district, the 12-metre replica of the monster's neck is keeping a close eye on the street's moviegoers and shoppers beneath as work on the cinema complex due to be completed in April continues.

When ready, visitors to the complex will be able to marvel at the monster in person from the top of the eight-storey building's open air terrace. While there have been many versions of the blockbuster, the one that towers over the building is a full-scale recreation based on 1992's Godzilla vs Mothra.

For fans who want more of their Godzilla experience, there is also the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, part of which is connected to the complex.

Courageous guests at the hotel can opt for a chance to get up close to the atomic mutant just by peering out of their hotel window. As part of the hotel's Godzilla Room, the monster will loom over the room's twin beds complete with its razor-like claws, at a cost of 39,800 yen (S$454) a night, AFP reported.

Meanwhile, more weak-hearted guests can settle on the Godzilla Viewing room with a window that gives out onto the lizard's head.

Godzilla, also known as "Gojira", comes from the Japanese portmanteau of "gorilla" and "kujira" or whale. The original was released in 1954 and became a hit, drawing 9.6 million Japanese viewers to the theatres.

Toho will release a new Godzilla film next year, after a Warner Bros' US$160 million incarnation last year.


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