Fans remember Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher at memorial

CALIFORNIA (REUTERS) - It was a more lively memorial than most - but it seemed fitting for late actresses Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

The mother and daughter, who died one day apart in December, had their lives celebrated at a public memorial service in the Hollywood hills, two months after they were laid to rest side-by-side.

The event featured home videos and photo montages, as well as various performances, including a dance to music from Reynold's most famous film Singing In The Rain.

Reynold's son - and Fisher's brother - Todd Fisher said the memorial was what his late family members would have wanted.

"This entire thing I'm calling a show, not a memorial, because my mother didn't like memorials or funerals," said Fisher. "She liked shows and parties. She also loved her people and you are all her people, not just her close friends but her extended family, her fans."

Stars including Dan Akroyd and Ruta Lee also paid tribute to the actresses - as well as hundreds of fans who were out in force to pay their respects too.

"I think Carrie Fisher, you know, she was a genius," said fan Christ Brown. "She stood up for a lot of women in that movie and that's why we all want a Princess Leia in our lives."

Carrie Fisher was 60 when she died in December, four days after suffering a heart attack on a flight from the UK.

A day later, Reynolds, who sang and danced her way into the hearts of moviegoers in Hollywood musicals, suffered a stroke and died at the age of 84.