Don't clown around - Pennywise is back, with bloodier teeth

Bill Skarsgard stars as the titular clown in It.
Bill Skarsgard stars as the titular clown in It.PHOTO: WARNER BROS

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - It has been 27 years since a deranged killer clown terrorised a town on the small screen in It and ushered in a generation's fear of clowns.

Now, Stephen King's Pennywise, the child-eating clown, is back, with bloodier teeth and a fresh set of victims.

It, opening in theatres on Friday, is the long-awaited movie version of King's 1986 horror novel, rated R for gritty thrills, gory deaths and a Losers' Club - the group of heroic teenagers.

"There was still the feeling that It had not been faithfully adapted in all its glory and it's been 27 years since 1990. So it's about time," director Andy Muschietti said.

Pennywise, first played by Tim Curry in 1990's television mini-series, preyed on the innocent and poisoned the sense of security of a small town.

It begins with a very vivid homage to the 1990 mini-series as a boy, in a yellow raincoat, chases a paper boat down rain-soaked streets, right to a storm drain. There Pennywise lures him to a gory fate that kicks off a chain of deaths for the town's teenagers and strange visions among the seven members of the Losers' Club.