Director James Wan marries actress Ingrid Bisu

Malaysia-born Australian director James Wan (left) posted a photo of him together with actress Ingrid Bisu on Instagram and wrote, "One ring (I mean two) to rule them all". PHOTO: CREEPYPUPPET/INSTAGRAM

His Instagram user name is "creepypuppet", but director James Wan's latest post was definitely sweet and not at all creepy.

More than 10 months after his engagement to Romanian-German actress Ingrid Bisu, Wan has announced their marriage.

The 42-year-old Malaysia-born Australian director posted a photo of him together with Bisu, 32, on Instagram, as he wrote, "One ring (I mean two) to rule them all" - in a reference to a line from The Lord Of The Rings film series (2001 to 2003).

Congratulations have poured in from celebrities such as actors Henry Golding, Randall Park and George Young.

Bisu also shared the same photo on Facebook with the caption, "Officially married!!!" as she changed her name to Ingrid Wan on her account.

Wan, known for directing horror movies such as Insidious (2010) and The Conjuring (2013) and, more recently, Aquaman in 2018, did not disclose how they met. However, she played the role of Sister Oana in The Nun (2018), a horror movie produced by him and which was filmed in 2017.

Wan announced in September he would be directing Malignant, a horror movie he co-wrote with Bisu and his 10th feature film. It is scheduled to be released in August 2020.

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