CNY showdown: Donnie Yen's Enter The Fat Dragon to challenge Jackie Chan's Vanguard

Enter The Fat Dragon, starring action hero Donnie Yen (left) will be rolled out in cinemas at the same time as Jackie Chan's Vanguard. PHOTOS: SCREENGRAB FROM ENTER THE FAT DRAGON/FACEBOOK, SCREENGRAB FROM WEIBO

Jackie Chan has competition for box-office revenue during Chinese New Year next month.

Enter The Fat Dragon - starring another action hero, Donnie Yen - will be rolled out in cinemas at the same time as Chan's Vanguard.

Yen's movie is likely to benefit from the publicity earned by the actor's current box-office smash Ip Man 4: The Finale.

Yen portrays an overweight policeman in Enter The Fat Dragon, which is directed by Wong Jing.

While the fight scenes were a breeze for him, he reportedly was floored by the hours needed to put on makeup and a fat suit to portray the character.

Niki Chow, who plays the wife of Yen's character, said her knees buckled when she heard that there was a fight scene involving the couple.

According to, she said she was afraid that her lack of fighting skills would result in many takes before the director was satisfied.

Chow made sure she rehearsed the scene with Yen multiple times so that she would not be caught off-guard by his fast moves.


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