Catch winners of Life! Theatre Awards at Esplanade's Studios season

This year, the M1-The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards will be held in collaboration with Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay and is also part of The Studios: fifty season. Here are some of the plays to be featured in The Studios which were also winners at the awards:

Titoudao (1994)

What: A tribute to both the fading art of Chinese street opera and feisty opera singer, Madam Oon Ah Chiam (playwright Goh Boon Teck's mother), this rousing play blends scenes from the comedic Hokkien opera Titoudao with stories from Oon's challenging, but rich life.

Won: 2001 Play of the Year (Toy Factory Productions, formerly Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble) and Best Original Script (Goh Boon Teck)

Autumn Tomyam (2001)

What: Desmond Sim's play explores gay relationships, divorce, immigration and refugee politics through a divorced couple - Marge, a Singaporean, and Joe, a retired American diplomat - and Joe's gay lover, a Thai massage boy named Tid.

Won: 2002 Play of the Year (Action Theatre) and Best Original Script (Desmond Sim)

Machine (2002)

What: Tan Tarn How's seductive four-hander about two itinerant household appliance repairmen who ostensibly arrive at the home of two female occupants to repair their appliances and end up being part of a power play of sexual intrigue, abuse, romance, betrayal and deceit.

Won: 2003 Best Original Script (Tan Tarn How)

Balance (2003)

What: A couple plays out five versions of the same story, where a man looks at his life choices and replays alternative memories of a time spent with his lover. A postmodern sequel, from the urban male's point of view, to Paul Rae and Kaylene Tan's Pulse, which explored women's dark neuroses.

Won: 2004 Best Original Script (Paul Rae and Kaylene Tan)

Everything But The Brain (2005)

What: In this tender father-daughter tale that shot Jean Tay to playwriting fame, a physics teacher grapples with her elderly and brilliant professor father's mortality, told through the frame of Einstein's theory of relativity.

Won: 2006 Best Original Script (Jean Tay)

Fundamentally Happy (2006)

What: Haresh Sharma's sensitively crafted two-hander reunites two neighbours after a long period of separation: Habiba, a maternal Malay-Muslim teacher at a religious school, and Eric, whom she used to babysit when he was a child. A terrible secret is revealed about how he was treated by her husband.

Won: 2007 Production of the Year (The Necessary Stage) and Best Original Script (Haresh Sharma)

Good People (2007)

What: This intimate drama, also by Sharma, revolves around three people in a hospital setting trying to be "good" in different ways. It is spliced with issues about the dilemma of palliative care and drug use for medical purposes.

Won: 2008 Best Original Script (Haresh Sharma)

Hitting (On) Women (2007)

What: Ovidia Yu's taut drama looks at a damaged, troubled woman who struggles to come to terms with the death of Karen, her former lover, and unravels their tangled, nuanced relationship.

Won: 2008 Best Original Script (Ovidia Yu)

Nothing (2007)

What: In Natalie Hennedige's signature style of abstracted narratives and bright, psychedelic images, this intimate observation of love and death is narrated through six characters, including a dengue inspection officer for the National Environment Agency and a middle-aged woman who writes erotic novels.

Won: 2008 Production of the Year (Cake Theatrical Productions)

Gemuk Girls (2008)

What: Sharma's critically acclaimed play, which dissects political detention and its effects on a family, is a hard-hitting tragicomedy about what unfolds when a photographer is detained without trial.

Won: 2009 Production of the Year (The Necessary Stage) and Best Original Script (Haresh Sharma)

Charged (2010)

What: Chong Tze Chien's intense army drama takes an unflinching look at race relations in Singapore when a Chinese soldier apparently shoots his Malay colleague and then turns the gun on himself. As the investigation unfolds, Chong picks apart the seams of the multiculturalism that is supposed to hold the country together.

Won: 2011 Best Original Script (Chong Tze Chien)

The Weight Of Silk On Skin (2011)

What: The suave and cosmopolitan Singaporean protagonist slowly comes apart as he recalls a lost love from the past in Huzir Sulaiman's slick and poetic one-man play.

Won: 2012 Best Original Script (Huzir Sulaiman)

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