Can Chow Yun Fat win his fourth Best Actor prize at Hong Kong Film Awards?

Project Gutenburg star Chow Yun Fat (left) will have to fend off the likes of co-star Aaron Kwok to win Best Actor at the Hong Kong film Awards on April 14. PHOTO: MM2 ENTERTAINMENT

HONG KONG - Can Chow Yun Fat walk away with Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA) on Sunday (April 14)? The Project Gutenberg star will once again face off against Anthony Wong (Still Human) who bested him at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society awards in January.

Chow, who won Best Actor thrice at the HKFA, also has to fend off Aaron Kwok (Project Gutenberg), Francis Ng (Men On The Dragon) and Philip Keung (Tracey).

Project Gutenberg, which tops the HKFA nominations with 17, also came up short against another movie, Three Husbands, in two top categories in January.

Three Husbands director Fruit Chan got the nod over Felix Chong (Project Gutenberg) then. On Sunday, they will battle it out again, along with Dante Lam (Operation Red Sea), Sunny Chan (Men On The Dragon) and Oliver Chan (Still Human).

Three Husbands, which took Best Film in January, can go for a repeat on Sunday, taking on Project Gutenberg, Operation Red Sea, Still Human and Men On The Dragon.

In the Best Actress category, many eyes will be on Charlene Choi (The Lady Improper) to see if her attempt to further break away from her wholesome Twins image, after she bared her skin in 2015's Sara, will be rewarded.

"Actors typically go through two stages - one is when they're doing anything they can for money, and the other is when they do anything they can to look for good roles," producer Chapman To said.

"Charlene falls in the second category... she took only 10 per cent of her usual pay (for Sara)." She is up against Chloe Maayan (Three Husbands), Jennifer Yu (Distinction), Crisel Consunji (Still Human) and Zhang Jingchu (Project Gutenberg).

Ng went one step further, working for free in Men On The Dragon to support new blood. "I would consider doing (such films) again. I would do one every year until no one asks for me anymore," he said.

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