'Call me Mrs Andy Hui' - Sammi Cheng's a married woman, says stylist friend

Hong Kong - Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui have married at long last but it was not the celebrity couple who announced the good news.

Hong Kong stylist and musician Clarence Hui revealed the engaged couple's new status in a Weibo post on Thursday.

"You were outstanding newcomers when I first met you both.

"Over the years, I have witnessed your hard work, your togetherness and separation, and each excelling in your own way.

"Today, when Sammi told me, 'You can now call me Mrs Hui', I was sincerely happy for you both.

"I wish you both will grow old together. At least one of us Huis will be a fortunate one. His name is Andy. Wishing Andy success in his concert!"

He attached a photo of the three of them smiling to the camera, reported Apple Daily.

Cheng, 42, and Hui, 47, have had an epic 24-year romance including a seven-year separation between 2004 and 2011.

They are famously reticent about their relationship, and Hui did not confirm their romance till 2001.

They were said to have married secretly in Bali in 2013. But their manager at that time said it was an engagement celebration.

Hui's concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum opens on April 30.

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