Actress Ruby Lin expresses love for husband Wallace Huo in rare public show of affection

Actress Ruby Lin (left) and actor Wallace Huo took 10 years to progress from friendship to love. PHOTOS: RUBY LIN/INSTAGRAM, WEIBO

Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin and actor Wallace Huo have been married for three years and they have a two-year-old daughter. The couple have kept their married life out of the public eye and have seldom posted photos of them together on social media, leading some to speculate that their marriage is on the rocks.

In a rare show of public affection, Lin, 43, expressed her love for Huo, 39, in a trailer for Chinese reality show Happiness Trio on Thursday (Oct 24).

Lin, best known for starring in popular TV dramas such as My Fair Princess (1998) and Romance In The Rain (2001), was a guest on Happiness Trio with director Hsu Fu-hsiang and his wife, actress Ivy Chen.

In the trailer, Lin said that she was surprised that Hsu, who married Chen last year, managed to win the hand of such a beautiful woman, but Chen said she felt honoured to marry the talented director. She gave birth to a baby boy in February this year.

Lin then said she would like to learn from Chen as marrying Huo was the happiest thing in her life. She praised him for being handsome and good to her.

At the end of the trailer, the two women said there was nothing more important in life than marrying the right man.

Lin and Huo took 10 years to progress from friendship to love. But after they became an item at her birthday party in January 2016, they picked up the pace. They announced their romance in May the same year and married two months later. She gave birth to their daughter in January 2017.

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