Discover and support your children’s talents with the UOB KidSmart Programme

Set your kids on the right path to help them boost their natural talents and to maximise their potential

The UOB KidSmart Programme helps parents identify their children's individual talents at an early stage so that financial planning can take place to best support their child's growth. PHOTO: UOB

Parental support is crucial in helping to nurture and to develop a child's talent. But how does one begin?

For many parents in Singapore, it involves an "all-in" approach of exposing their children to a plethora of enrichment classes and activities to cover as many aspects of growth as possible. However, this approach may not work for all as every child learns and grows differently.

The UOB KidSmart Programme

The enhanced programme includes an online assessment tool to help identify each child's unique smarts, as well as a series of task sheets designed around popular Nickelodeon characters that children can relate to. PHOTO: UOB

United Overseas Bank (UOB) wants to make it easier for parents to identify their children's individual talents, as financial planning plays a crucial role in supporting their children's growth and development.

The bank recently partnered with Prudential Singapore and Nickelodeon Asia to enhance the UOB KidSmart Programme with the Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts.

The Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts is an activity-based programme which includes an online assessment tool to help identify each child's unique smarts, as well as a series of task sheets designed around popular Nickelodeon characters that children can relate to.

These task sheets can help parents observe how their children naturally learn and shine in certain areas.

Discovering your kids' smarts

First, parents can identify their children's strengths through a complimentary MIDAS online assessment.

Specially developed for the UOB KidSmart Programme, this assessment measures each child across distinct forms of intelligence, termed the eight "smarts" - Body, Logic, Music, Nature, People, Picture, Self and Word.

Each "smart" that a child scores highly in represents an area of intelligence that they naturally gravitate towards.

Learning made fun with Nickelodeon

Children can participate in fun games and activities at the roadshows. PHOTO: UOB

Once parents have completed the MIDAS online assessment, they can download task sheets corresponding to their child's "smarts".

Each task sheet is tied to a particular "smart" and associated characters from well-loved Nickelodeon shows.

For instance, the Music Smart task sheet is associated with Nickelodeon television series Shimmer and Shine. Like the twin genie sisters Shimmer and Shine, children who are "music smart" are able to think in sounds, rhythms, melodies and rhymes. On the other hand, the lovable puppies of PAW Patrol which have close relationships with humans will connect with children who are "people smart" as they are able to understand how others think and feel.

The task sheets incorporate hands-on activities that children can complete with their family. These include arts and crafts, personal projects, and physical exercises that help kids explore their smarts.

Enabling parents to achieve their goals

For parents, the enhanced UOB Kidsmart Programme offers not only insight into their children's natural talents, but also an opportunity to ensure that they learn and develop holistically.

Together with Prudential Singapore, UOB also offers insurance and other financial solutions to help parents plan for their children's growth and education.

Ms Jacquelyn Tan, head of Personal Financial Services, UOB, says: "As UOB serves more than two in five young families in Singapore, we can see how parents strive to provide the best for their children.

"It is one of the reasons we created the UOB Kidsmart Programme three years ago and it is why we continue to enhance it by including like-minded partners such as Prudential Singapore and Nickelodeon Asia.

"By improving the way children identify with their natural talents and helping parents protect and grow their wealth more holistically, we can ensure more Singaporean children reach their full potential."

Get started with the MIDAS online assessment tool on and to download the task sheets.

Visit the UOB KidSmart Programme or Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts websites for details on upcoming roadshows.

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