Steinway Spirio brings new music lecture series to life

Monthly lectures feature renowned music educators alongside Steinway’s high resolution player piano

Music students and classical piano aficionados: take note.

An upcoming series of six lectures by renowned pianists and music educators, which will be held at Steinway Gallery Singapore from April 23rd, will take the audience on a journey through the history and performance of classical piano music.

The Steinway Lecture Series is led by music professor and Steinway Artist Dr Thomas Hecht, composer and music lecturer Dr John Sharpley, and music educator & Steinway Artist Benjamin Loh, who will tap on STEINWAY & SONS SPIRIO high resolution player piano to bring music to life.

Dr Hecht, Dr Sharpley and Mr Loh
Dr Hecht is a professor at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, while Dr Sharpley teaches at both Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and LaSalle College of the Arts. Mr Loh is on the piano faculty of both institutions, and is a renowned local piano teacher. Steinway Artists Dr Hecht and Mr Loh are scheduled to record on the Steinway Spirio in New York later this year to add to the world-class music library. PHOTOS: STEINWAY 

The lecture series will cover diverse topics such as keyboard techniques, the music of the 19th century Romantics, how to prepare for piano competitions, and even the effect of music on the brain. The topics are designed for both music students, teachers and lovers of music, using the Steinway’s latest technology – Spirio.

Spirio is a technologically advanced re-performance piano which boasts a proprietary high-resolution format and drive technique that allows it to produce an audio experience that is almost indistinguishable from a live performance. This means that when Spirio plays a piece recorded by a Steinway Artist such as Lang Lang or Yuja Wang, the audience will not only hear the notes, but all the colours and nuances of the original performance as well. 

Yuja Wang and Steinway Spirio piano

Each two-hour lecture in the series will feature two or more playback recordings on the Steinway Spirio, allowing participants to review and analyse piano works by some of the best pianists in the world, both past and present.

Says Mr Loh, “Technical brilliance, sensitivity to touch and colour, imagination and an in-depth understanding of the repertoire being performed are things that well-esteemed Steinway Artists possess – and these always appeal to a good musician.”

The lecture series will also feature an interactive platform where participants can use their smart devices to ask, vote and comment on questions. The lecturer can also use this platform to poll the audience. Participants can review all the questions and poll results at the end of the session to maximise their takeaways from the lecture.

The Spirio difference

Colours of Steinway Spirio

While Spirio was first conceived as an entertainment addition to homes and luxury venues, the player piano also has the potential to serve as an educational tool by bringing the musical interpretations of Steinway Artists into academic settings such as music lessons.

The educational benefits for students who are learning a new piece will be broadened by one’s close listening to the subtlety and passion of an artist’s original performance. Soft trills, delicate pedaling, and thundering fortissimos present no difficulty for Spirio and are reproduced with unparalleled accuracy, smoothly and precisely realising the pianist’s entire range of motion and emotion.

Steinway artists (past and present)

Each Steinway & Sons Spirio comes along with an iPad which brings the world’s best music into your home at the touch of a finger. The complimentary music library includes composers and performers from Bach to Beethoven to Irving Berlin to Billy Joel. Exclusive to the Spirio music library, these works are recorded by Steinway Artists, who count among the world’s greatest musicians and who choose to exclusively use Steinway & Sons pianos.

Through the use of proprietary audio translation software, the Steinway & Sons Spirio library also includes performances by Steinway Immortals such as Glenn Gould, Duke Ellington, Van Cliburn, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Vladimir Horowitz. These legendary musicians whose invaluable works of art – passed down from generation to generation – serve as model learning references in one’s pursuit for musical excellence.

Says Dr Sharpley: “With the Spirio’s capabilities of conveying subtle nuances, we will be able to engage in a focused examination of rhythm, harmony, counterpoint, timbre, and historical context of pieces by Steinway Immortals such as the ‘Traumerai’ by Horowitz. We will witness how the use of technology in music education brings us closer to the mysteries of music.”

The Spirio music catalogue will continue to grow, with approximately three hours worth of new tracks added every month.

Says Dr Hecht: “Spirio is quite an amazing technological advancement for the Steinway family, because it can do so many things that can directly inform students about an array of piano topics. And all of these things of course can be used when students are learning new pieces.”

The upcoming Steinway Lecture Series featuring the Steinway Spirio is designed for discerning pianists to experience how technology can provide a holistic approach to being a well-rounded musician.

Visit to find out more about the Steinway Lecture Series, or call 6838 0525 for more information about the Steinway Spirio.