My Words: OneSound by Deborah Emmanuel

Singaporean poet Deborah Emmanuel. PHOTO: BELLATRIX PHOTOGRAPHY

Freight train feet rush me to a destination,

but I am carried cargo on an endless river.

The terror of losing keeps me playing along

in orchestras of malfunctioned song.

My heart clock ticks a traffic light countdown.

My soul drum quickens to breathless heels.

The beats we build are too fast for my chest;

rush hour rage leaping too far to catch.

The peace I once had is running away

in blurred horizon, in melting line.

Why is our rhythm boxed and broken?

Why do my fingers tap binary code?

I want to listen to whispering leaves,

but you people flee like there isn't time.

I want to stop the fall of a struggling calf,

but you people roar like bursting fire.

Let me be free from this discordant symphony,

with beasts astray on growling wheels.

Let me live far from grids and steely teeth,

crushing my windpipe with diamond leash.

I shall hide in the forest where the sound is right,

where there is no man and no machine.

I shall lie in the forest where there is no light,

and listen to beings a part of me.

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