Annie Yi to wed Qin Hao in a Phuket island wedding

TAIPEI - Taiwan media reports have surfaced that Taiwanese singer-actress Annie Yi and her fiance, Chinese actor Qin Hao, will tie the knot in Phuket, Thailand, on Saturday.

This is exactly six years and a day after Yi, 46, finalised her divorce from singer-songwriter Harlem Yu on March 20, 2009. Chinese and Taiwanese tabloids have interpreted the significance of the upcoming wedding date as a symbol of 'rebirth'.

The Taiwanese media spotted Yi and Qin, 36, at the Beijing airport together with his parents, with Yi pushing her future mother-in-law in a wheelchair - a sign of a good relationship, and a marked contrast to her reportedly stormy relationship with Yu's mother.

Yi's agent revealed that after their wedding ceremony in Phuket, the couple would host a wedding banquet in Beijing, then Qin's hometown in Shenyang, followed by yet another banquet in Taipei.

It appears that Yu will be in Taiwan on the 21st and will not be attending his ex-wife's island wedding, and his producer did not respond to queries as to whether their son Harry would be going for the ceremony.

Yi and Qin made their debut as a couple early last year, at the Berlin Film Festival. He proposed to her in July and she announced their engagement in September.