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9 fun facts that will animate your mornings!

Here are a few facts you didn’t know and that might change your way of starting the day!

1. 46% of people press the snooze button more than once when waking up

According to the study Life at Home.

2. After your morning workout, take a cold shower 

It helps with recovery and avoiding depression.

3. Men that kiss their wife every morning live 5 years longer than the others

4. 17 billions cups of coffee are drunk every day in the world

And 65% of all coffee is consumed during breakfast hours which represents 110 million cups of coffee.

5. Most people don’t smile before 11.16am. What about you?

6. Working out in the morning before your breakfast allows you to burn up to 20% more calories

7. Having breakfast every morning will help children to perform better at school

Six-year-old children who leave for school after a breakfast scored, on average, 4.6 points higher compared to those who did not.

8. According to a British study, women spend on average only 39 seconds more in the shower than men… 

Which means we're all practically even!

9. 71% of coffee cups in Singapore are long cups

This is why Nespresso proposes you to enrich your morning ritual with the Lungo range. 

Tailor made for large cups, the Lungo range offers you 5 distinct Grands Crus to suit your morning mood.

Discover 5 ways of extending the pleasure of the morning coffee thanks to the 5 Lungo Nespresso Grand Crus…