124-year-old patent shows correct way of hanging your toilet roll

Over or under - how do you hang your toilet rolls in the bathroom?

While there have been differing views over this seemingly trivial issue over the years, an 1891 patent by perforated toilet paper inventor Seth Wheeler appears to have settled the debate once and for all.

Hanging your toilet paper roll in the "over", or outside, position is the proper way to do it.

Writer Owen Williams cleared up the age-old conundrum by tweeting a photo of the original patent - dated Dec 22, 1891 - on Tuesday.

Mr Wheeler's Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company had patented the idea for perforated wrapping paper (now known as toilet paper) in 1871. The company then re-patented it again, this time in roll form, in 1891 so as to reduce wastage.

"My invention...consists in a roll of wrapping-paper with perforations on the line of the division between one sheet and the next, so as to be easily torn apart," wrote Mr Wheeler in his original 1871 patent.

So now you know.

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