Work and snooze in a Gold Class cinema for $20


We have all been there - struggling to stay awake as the post-lunch food coma hits, wishing we could drape ourselves over the desk for a quick nap.

Golden Village at Suntec City will do you one better. Last month, it launched a co-working package where patrons can work in its Gold Class lounge and nap in its Gold Class cinema.

Office for the day

About a third of the lounge's 40 seats were taken when The Sunday Times visited on a weekday afternoon. The crowd was younger and more casually dressed than those in hotel lounges.

The smell of popcorn lingered in the air and movie trailers played in the background.

Not all seats have power plugs. Go for the ones at the far end of the lounge, where more extension cords are available.

Choose from two nap slots, between noon and 1.30pm, or 2 and 3.30pm. You can enter the cinema any time during your slot, but try to settle in early to avoid disturbing others.

The hall is silent and close to pitch black, save for reedy blue lights illuminating seat numbers and controls. The extremely plush seats recline almost horizontally. Blankets are provided - they feel a bit thin but smell laundry-fresh. Bring a sweater for additional warmth, and a pair of earplugs in case you wind up next to a snoring neighbour.

Feeling peckish?

A cup of coffee or tea and a box of popcorn are included in the package. Guests also get a discount on finger food such as waffle fries ($6.50) and mains like Chicken Chop Kampong Fried Rice ($9.90).



Book a co-working package from Mondays to Thursdays and receive a movie discount voucher which allows you to buy two weekday movie tickets for $6 each. Co-working on Fridays gives you a similar voucher for two weekend tickets at $9.50 each. The vouchers are valid for two weeks.

Zest@Gold Class Lounge

WHERE Golden Village Suntec City, 03-373 Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard

WHEN Weekdays, noon to 6pm

PRICE Lounge packages, selling at a discounted rate until Dec 23, cost $15 a person. Top up $5 for a 90-minute nap in the Gold Class cinema. Subsequently, packages will cost $25 with a $10 top-up for the nap slot.