Remembering 9/11 through a memorial of searchlights

NEW YORK - Every year, New York remembers Sept 11 with an illuminated memorial composed of 88 vertical searchlights that project into the night sky.

Experiencing this Tribute In Light on a flight - on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that reshaped the metropolis and the world radically - is a profound moment.

Twenty years is a long time. It is almost a third of an adult life. Many young adults today were not even born yet. Yet, I remember what I was doing exactly when the planes smashed into the two towers.

The events of Sept 11 reshaped travel. Going to the airport with long lines of security checks and taking a flight was not that anticipated anymore - the glamour of flying was dented. It just became a mode of transportation.

But people have learnt to adapt, appreciate and move on.

Similarly, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has affected travel. And likewise, we will adapt and emerge in due course.