Lotion, serum, and cream: This all-in-one product takes the guesswork out of skincare for men

Suntory’s new facial product harnesses a water-in-oil-in-water emulsion technology with extracts from whisky barrel wood and oolong tea

A good skincare regime is crucial, even for busy professionals. PHOTO: BRAND’S SUNTORY

Look your best and make a good first impression at your next business meeting with a bright, fresh face. Product researcher at Suntory Wellness Research Centre, Mr Tatsuo Matsuoka, shares how good skincare habits can lend an extra boost of confidence, and why an all-in-one facial product like Suntory Varon can help the busy, modern man.

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Q: What are some common skin problems that men experience? 

Men tend to have higher sebum and lower moisture content in their facial skin compared to women, and their oily skin condition is exacerbated by Singapore’s tropical and humid climate. 

Those who have been shaving their facial hair for years may notice their skin becoming dry, irritated, dull and rough as a result. This is because shaving affects the lipid layer of the epidermis that helps to retain moisture. 

If you have been shaving your facial hair for years, you might notice your skin being dry, dull or irritated. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Q: What are some good skincare habits for men?

First, cleansing your face in the morning and before bedtime is a must every day. Opt for a mild facial cleanser and wash with lukewarm water.

Next, apply a moisturiser to protect the skin from external air pollutants, control sebum production and offer intense hydration for brighter, smoother and younger-looking skin. 

Don’t forget sunscreen to minimise UV damage that could hasten the development of wrinkles or age spots.

Q: What is available for men who prefer a fuss-free skincare routine?  

For those who are time-strapped and want to address oily, dry and irritated skin quickly, an all-in-one skincare product like Suntory Varon is the perfect solution. It is new in Singapore and imported by Brand’s from Suntory Wellness Japan.

An all-in-one product, Suntory Varon makes skincare easy for men who don’t have the time for a multi-step routine. PHOTO: BRAND’S SUNTORY

The product features W/O/W (Water in Oil in Water) emulsification technology that enables its lotion, serum, and cream components to penetrate the skin in that order. This is due to its unique molecular structure where water is encased in oil and again encased in water.

The lotion component contains Suntory’s original whisky barrel wood extract and Oolong tea extract, and Acetylhexa Peptide-8, to help to brighten and moisturise skin and delay wrinkle formation. 

Suntory Varon uses extracts from whisky casks, which brighten and moisturise the skin. PHOTO: BRAND’S SUNTORY

The product also features inositol in its serum component to help regulate sebum and reduce skin dryness, and plant-derived squalene in its cream component to moisturise and improve skin texture.
Results from our internal survey in December last year of 248 men in their 40s to 70s reflected 91 per cent user satisfaction upon observing the effects of the product on their skin after 10 days of product usage.

Enjoy 20 per cent off a 10-day trial (20ml) or 30 per cent off a three-month trial (120ml), inclusive of free shipping. Shop here or call 1800 732 2222 to place an order.

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