Nourish skin from within: How to keep your complexion smooth, firm and luminous

Achieve a healthy, natural glow with the right dietary supplement on top of a good skincare regime

In Japan, good skin is described as “mochi hada”, or “mochi skin”, referencing a plump, bouncy Japanese dessert. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Having good skin is not totally dependent on good genes. How you care for your skin and what you include in your diet can help make a difference too. Product researcher at Suntory Wellness Research Centre, Ms Wakana Taguchi, shares tips on how you can achieve youthful, healthy skin naturally.   

Q: What happens to our skin as we age and what are some characteristics of healthy skin?

We typically start to show signs of skin ageing from about 25 years old. We may develop wrinkles and age spots, and notice that our skin has become dull, dry and rough. These could be due to a slowdown in our body’s collagen production, a decline in our skin’s ability to retain adequate moisture and prolonged exposure to UV light.

Youthful and healthy skin is bouncy, moisturised, smooth and luminous – qualities that are somewhat reminiscent of mochi, a plump-looking Japanese dessert. In Japan, such good skin is described as “mochi hada” which means mochi skin.

Q: What are the building blocks that are essential for good skin?

Collagen and elastin are important to help maintain skin firmness and elasticity. They can be found in the thickest layer of skin called dermis, which is made up of fibrous and elastic tissue that hold the skin’s structure.

Proteoglycan, ceramide and hyaluronic acid are also crucial in retaining moisture in the skin to prevent it from becoming dry, dull and rough. Vitamin C can help to lighten pigmentation.

Q: What are some of the most underrated skincare tips? 

Double cleanse your face thoroughly with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and impurities, and then with a gentle foam cleanser to remove any residue and refresh the skin. 

A good skincare routine starts with using an oil-based cleanser, followed by a gentle foam cleanser, then a hydrating lotion before a moisturiser and a sunscreen.

Prep your skin with kesho-sui, a hydrating lotion that is thin, watery and alcohol-free, before applying moisturiser and sunscreen. 

Proper nourishment through a balanced diet can also benefit your skin. 

Q: How can a dietary supplement help to complement your skincare routine and diet to promote better skin?

In addition to topical skincare, consider a dietary supplement for inner nourishment, like Suntory Milcolla, which contains collagen, elastin, proteoglycan, ceramide and vitamin C, to help firm, moisturise and brighten your skin.

Although the product is new in Singapore, it has already sold over 3.5 million boxes in Japan and Taiwan. One of its key ingredients, Intensive Lifting Collagen, refers to a carefully researched, high concentration of PO OG collagen peptides that is said to help stimulate the body’s production of collagen and elastin. It is also easily absorbed.

Suntory Milcolla comes in convenient sachets so they can be consumed on the go. PHOTO: BRAND’S SUNTORY

Packed in 30 slim powder sachets per box, Suntory Milcolla can be conveniently added to your favourite beverages and meals. It is also low in calories at 24.9 kcal per sachet.

Results from our internal survey of 25 women in their 30s and 40s who consumed it daily over eight weeks in 2020 showed that they noticed firmer, smoother and brighter skin that is less dry after four weeks, with more positive results noted within eight weeks.

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