My Perfect Weekend with The Apprentice winner Jessica Ramella

Jessica Ramella uses her weekends to recover from the stresses of the work week. PHOTO: FARHAN ARIF

Who: Jessica Ramella, 32, is the winner of the first season of The Apprentice: One Championship Edition, which is available on Netflix.

The Venezuelan, who is single, is the chief of staff of Singapore-based combat sports promotion company One Championship.

"I recently started French classes, so my Saturday mornings from 9am till noon are packed. Before that, I would normally sleep in or go for brunch.

After class, I might meet friends for a meal. Some of my go-to places include Wild Honey at either Mandarin Gallery or Scotts Square, The Dempsey Project in Dempsey Hill and Publico Ristorante in Robertson Quay. I love avocado toast, scrambled eggs and sourdough bread.

If I do not stay out, I will head home to my condominium in Bukit Timah and order in - usually from the same brunch places - and then chill at the pool.

I try to make plans for Saturday evenings - whether it is having friends over, visiting them, or heading out to a bar for dinner and drinks. Among the places I frequent is Spiffy Dapper, a nice little cocktail bar in Amoy Street.

Anything tequila and rum is my go-to drink. If not, I will go for a full-bodied, heavy red wine.

My Saturday evenings are always relaxed. If I want to do something more intense such as going to a party or staying up late, I try to do that on Friday nights and recover over the weekend.

I try to do one session of yoga during the weekend, often on Sunday mornings. I either do a session of Yoga With Adriene (hosted by American yoga instructor Adriene Mishler) on YouTube, or a workout on the Sweat app, and then I meditate.

I have been meditating for maybe over three years, although I am not as disciplined with it as I am with exercise. I am an anxious person, so it has helped me nurture stillness and understand the root of my anxieties.

While meditating, I try to focus on something I am feeling or trying to release at the time. Or I might focus on a part of my body - for instance, my back aching from a gym workout.

Afterwards, I make my way to the beach at Sentosa. I love being in the sun.

I try not to return home too late, so I can unwind with Netflix. I am working on a huge painting in my home, so I do that while watching Netflix.

Usually, I go to bed after that. But if I have the energy, I make a huge pot of soup for lunch for the coming week. This is typically an "everything but the kitchen sink" type of soup - comprising some plant-based protein, quinoa and a ton of different vegetables. It is just something lean and healthy. "

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