My Perfect Weekend with foodpanda's Jakob Angele

Jakob Angele, chief executive of foodpanda Asia-Pacific, likes to keep his weekends free and easy. PHOTO: COURTESY OF JAKOB ANGELE/FOODPANDA

Who: Jakob Angele, 40, chief executive of foodpanda Asia-Pacific. The German national has been living in Singapore since 2015 when he joined the online food and grocery delivery platform.

In his current role, which he took on in 2017, he oversees foodpanda's operations across 12 markets in the region.

He lives at a condominium in the downtown area with his girlfriend of more than six years.

"My week from Monday to Friday is always packed, so I like my weekends to be more relaxed and use them as an opportunity to get quality, focused time with my partner.

On Saturday mornings, I have a fixed routine. Despite it being the weekend, I get up at 6.30am or so, and cycle to the gym for at least an hour of cross-fit.

On my way back, I pick up coffee for myself and my girlfriend, usually from Providore - it's got lovely coffee and it's quick - or Flash Coffee because the founder is a friend of mine and I like to support him in this small way.

I always get a double Americano with no sugar.

By the time I get home, my girlfriend is usually getting her day started as well, so we order some Western-style brunch - via food delivery, of course. Needless to say, I'm a foodpanda power user.

We have two go-to places: Merci Marcel and Group Therapy. We try to eat out on our balcony to get some fresh air and also take in the view of Marina Bay.

I used to be a bookworm as a teenager, but with university, I stopped completely and did not pick it up after that. So, for the last year or so, I have been trying to read a bit more on weekends - regular literature, though, not management books.

But a problem I have is that I start reading many books and I do not finish them. For example, I was just reading The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, but I stopped halfway.

What I really like are science-fiction classics, such as the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov and 1984 by George Orwell.

These older books have a strong tradition of societal critique, more so than contemporary science-fiction. It is fascinating how they still hold up after all these years.

These are physical books because it is important to me to avoid looking at screens during the weekend after spending my whole week constantly on my phone.

Every other Saturday night, we might visit friends or have friends over for drinks. But I try to get my socialising in during the week and leave the weekend as a time to recharge my batteries.

Sunday mornings and early afternoons are pretty much the same as on Saturdays.

But once a month, we try to go to MacRitchie Reservoir on Sundays in the late afternoon and to Newton Hawker Centre for stingray or carrot cake.

During the week, we do not cook at all because we are usually so busy, and ordering food is so convenient in Singapore.

But on Sunday evenings when we do not go to MacRitchie and Newton, we try to cook something light and healthy like pasta with shrimp.

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