My Perfect Weekend: Walking the dog, Japanese classes for film-maker Boo Junfeng

On Saturdays, Boo Junfeng usually walks his dog Peanut in the morning with his partner.
On Saturdays, Boo Junfeng usually walks his dog Peanut in the morning with his partner.PHOTO: BOO JUNFENG

Home-grown filmmaker Boo Junfeng, 37, is known for exploring sensitive topics such as identity and sexuality in his films. The 2009 Lasalle College of the Arts valedictorian is the youngest-ever creative director of Singapore's National Day Parade in 2018.

Acclaimed at home and abroad, his debut feature film Sandcastle (2010) is the first Singaporean film invited to Cannes Film Festival's International Critics' Week in 2010. Premiered in 2016 at Cannes Film Festival's Un Certain Regard section, his second feature film Apprentice (2016) has travelled to more than 80 film festivals and bagged numerous awards.

He is working on his third feature film and a huge commissioned project whose titles have to remain undisclosed as of now.

"While most of my work spills into the weekend, I try to carve out some time to rest, albeit not successfully all the time.

On Saturdays, I usually walk my dog Peanut in the morning with my partner. Sometimes, we will go to the market for grocery shopping after that.

Once a month, we will buy and cook meat for our dog before freezing it for future meals. We have to be careful with the things we feed her as she has many allergies. I usually spend the rest of the day running errands and doing chores that I cannot complete during the weekdays.

I attend Japanese class with my partner every Sunday morning. It is something we have been wanting to do for a long time. In the evening, I try to spend time with my parents or catch up with my friends over dinner.

When I was living with my parents, I was running all over the place. Nowadays, I realise it is nice to relax and chill out at home.

A perfect weekend is one where I do absolutely nothing. Relaxing at the pool to have some peace and quietness sounds like a great idea too. That, to me, is the perfect weekend at this point of my life.''