My Perfect Weekend: Nature outings, family time for Elvin Ng

Actor Elvin Ng with his nieces at Marina Bay Sands. PHOTO: ELVINNGCHOONSIONG/INSTAGRAM

WHO: Elvin Ng, 40, has been a Mediacorp leading man for more than a decade. The actor was most recently in the romance series Mister Flower, starring opposite Rui En. He will lead the cast of Let Me Help You , an upcoming long-form Channel 8 series about an ex-convict who starts a second-hand goods store.

My ideal weekend would revolve around spending time with family and friends, as well as nature activities. I'm pretty free-spirited that way.

On Saturday morning, I'll have coffee, listen to music and chill out, feed my koi and bird, and tend to my plants.

Then, maybe I'll go out for lunch or tea and do some exercise after that, something light like jogging.

At night, I'll let loose - maybe have some drinks with friends or attend a party.

Sundays will be spent with my family in open spaces. I enjoy being near nature or even just being close to a body of water.

I have a large family, including my nieces and nephew, so it will be nice to take them to the beach or Sentosa. Or we will go on a nature walk and then grab some ice cream. We'll have a good family dinner after that.

In reality, though, I'm often too busy to spend my weekends like this. When I'm filming, the schedule is punishing and there are no real weekends to speak of.

I spent a recent weekend shooting a fight scene in a warehouse for Let Me Help You. I'll be filming the series until October.

One of the reasons I managed to catch a break right before Chinese New Year was because I had shaved my moustache for a flashback scene and have to grow it back for other scenes.

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