My Perfect Weekend: Family time for PR veteran Lynn Yeow de Vito

PR veteran Lynn Yeow de Vito with husband Beppe de Vito (far left) and sons Marco (next to Beppe), Lucio, Nico and Tanin (left to right).
PR veteran Lynn Yeow de Vito with husband Beppe de Vito (far left) and sons Marco (next to Beppe), Lucio, Nico and Tanin (left to right).PHOTO: COURTESY OF LYNN YEOW DE VITO

Who: Lynn Yeow de Vito, 40, owns public relations agency Loop, which focuses on food and lifestyle brands. She is also the co-founder of Sassy Mama Singapore, a website on parenting for women in Singapore. She is married to chef-restaurateur Beppe de Vito, 48, who owns the ilLido Group that includes eateries such as the one-Michelin-starred Braci fine-dining Italian restaurant; Gemma Steakhouse; and Carne, a burger restaurant that opened last month. They have four sons - Marco, 16; Tanin, 10; Nico, eight; and Lucio, six.

Weekends are reserved for family when Beppe and I spend time with our sons.

On Saturdays, I drop Tanin off for his tuition lesson at 10.30am and go with his younger brothers to the Tiong Bahru wet market after that. I want the boys to experience local culture and see what a whole fish looks like.

In the beginning, they would ask why they had to go every week, but now, they quite enjoy themselves. They have gotten to know the uncles and aunties there and they like to look at the guppies and tortoises at the pet shop.

I buy organic meat, vegetables and fresh lard for frying. The fishballs and fishcake there are better than those at the supermarket.

When it is time, I pick Tanin up and we proceed to lunch at one of Beppe's restaurants. For the past few weeks, it has been Carne for burgers. Marco is working there as a service staff before he goes to polytechnic, so he and Beppe join us for the meal. If Marco cannot join us for lunch, he will make it for dinner.

After lunch, we leave him to go for some activities. Tanin and Nico do not have any electronic gadgets other than a laptop for schoolwork, so although I don't like the sun myself, we would go for some outdoor fun.

We bought some kites for the boys recently and have been flying them at the Marina Barrage. Or we go cycling at East Coast Park.

We cycle in the evenings too, from Stevens Road to River Valley Road, where we stop for dinner, usually Japanese food or curry rice.

Sometimes, the boys take the bikes around the neighbourhood themselves. Recently, they came home with some live chickens from a neighbour and we are wondering if we should keep them as pets.

Lynn Yeow de Vito with her husband and sons at East Coast Park. PHOTO: COURTESY OF LYNN YEOW DE VITO

If it rains, we may spend the afternoon baking cookies that the boys can take to school. Or they play in the pool at home. They can run around in the rain if there is no thunderstorm.

On some weekends, the whole family will stay in after dinner to watch a movie before going to bed.