Zippy yet practical: The rides perfect for the family

From the first car for young newlyweds to the set of wheels that ferry the brood, these impressive options come with bags of style and comfort

Regardless of the size of your family, there is a suitable ride at Cars@Expo 2022 to fit everyone. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE, PREMIUM AUTOMOBILES AND VERTEX EURO

Many will recall fondly the car rides they took during their childhood. Whether they were Sunday drives to the park, visits to the grandparents’ and perhaps, even the odd jaunt to Malaysia during the school holidays, chances are that these first memories were shared with parents and siblings in the family car.

Having now come of age, with personal and family needs to consider, there is much to think about when picking out a suitable ride.

Cars have evolved tremendously over the last decade, with more options available in the market. But the basic needs for a car have not really changed.

Besides requiring enough space for the family, and with the necessary structures for a child seat (or two), the ride of choice should be compact enough to ferry everyone from point to point without fuss.

Neither should there be a need to furrow brows while navigating tight corners in narrow back roads or when parking it.

And ideally, it should also be pleasing enough behind the wheel without costing premium dollars.

Classic gold

Thanks to its sporty look, Toyota Corolla Altis Sport Edition appeals to the younger set. PHOTO: INCHCAPE SINGAPORE

Take the Toyota Corolla Altis Sport Edition, for instance. This stalwart has appealed to generations of car buyers, young and old, for its practicality and reliability.

But for this latest offering, Toyota has upped the ante by giving it a sleeker and more progressive look as well as a suite of safety and tech features to woo younger buyers.

In particular, this special Sport Edition, with its eye‑catching aerodynamic body kit, will gain it new fans with the promise of handling that is as sharp as it looks.

The Audi A3 sedan boasts a fuel-efficient 1.0-litre petrol engine, allowing it to qualify for a Category A Certificate of Entitlement. PHOTO: PREMIUM AUTOMOBILES

Another ride that impresses in the sporty chic department is the new Audi A3 sedan, which is also possibly one of the smartest looking compact cars in the market with exceptional driving dynamics.

This sedan with a new turbocharged 1.0-litre engine promises exceptional fuel economy, at 23.2km per litre, to accompany the plush comforts of luxury motoring – at the cost of a Category A Certificate of Entitlement (COE).

This car is one to consider in order to make a progressive upgrade without overstretching financially.

No fuss at all

Well-liked by families, the Mitsubishi Attrage can travel an impressive 20.4km for every litre of fuel. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE

When it comes to family cars, sometimes practical utility is prioritised above all else. The Mitsubishi Attrage fulfils that need with aplomb.

It will appeal most to more discerning drivers looking for an everyday commuter vehicle to get them from point to point with the least amount of fuss, the most ease of handling and the maximum amount of efficiency.

This is exactly where the compact Attrage sedan stands out and exceeds all expectations from its 1.2-litre Mivec engine capable of returning 20.4km to the litre.

Not only will the Kia Cerato appeal to families, the stylish sedan will also speak to young professionals. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE

Appealing to both young professionals and families is the Kia Cerato. Looking at just how handsome the sedan is, with distinctive features such as a continuous rear brake light that spans its boot lid, it is easy to understand its appeal, especially among the younger set.

Couple its smooth, lively drive with a well‑appointed interior where everything is neatly and sensibly arranged for the convenience of the driver, and it is everything a family car should be – and maybe more.

Flair maestros

Spanish marque Seat creates sleek and efficient cars such as the zippy Leon. PHOTO: VERTEX EURO

Few cars blend the needs of comfort, performance and utility with standout good looks quite like the Seat Leon.

Think sharp swage lines, deep creases and pointy door mirrors – giving it a distinctive personality to turn heads.

The best part? The hatchback comes at a palatable price point despite sporting the same drivetrain and handling characteristics as another continental marque.

Motorists looking for familiar experiences in a different flavour will relish what the Seat Leon has to offer at no compromise to the needs of a small family.   

With its beautiful curves and iconic silhouette, one can spot the Citroen C4 from a distance away. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE

The Citroen C4 is yet another attractive hatchback with its sensuous curves and unmistakeable looks.

Individuals and smaller families looking for a bit of flair in their everyday drives will definitely give it the thumbs up.

It checks off the boxes for practicality and style, while offering a zippy drive courtesy of the enthusiasm packed in its fuel‑sipping 1.2-litre turbocharged engine.

With comfort one of the key tenets of the car’s design, expect no less than ample space in the rear cabin, and comfortable rides as its suspension soaks up imperfections on the road.

From practicality and efficiency to design and value for money, these options make the convenience of car ownership even more appealing for families. And for many children, more fond memories will definitely be made and treasured.

Cars@Expo 2022 is held from Aug 13 to 14 at Singapore Expo Halls 3B and 4 from 10am to 8pm. Click here to read more about the latest cars and special deals at the show. 

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