Hot Bods: Running barefoot on the beach, dragon boat and basketball sessions

Business development manager Timothy Tor (left) and commodity operation personnel Josephine Tay.
Business development manager Timothy Tor (left) and commodity operation personnel Josephine Tay.ST PHOTO: KELVIN CHNG

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods - business development manager Timothy Tor, 46, and commodity operation personnel Josephine Tay, 48.

Timothy Tor, 46

Business development manager

Height: 1.88m

Weight: 80kg

Exercise routine: I do weights thrice a week, focusing on different muscle groups each time. I also do a 10km park connector run and/or beach runs one to two times a week.

During pre-pandemic times, I went for weekly dragon boat training sessions and also played basketball weekly with my friends.

Diet: I start the morning with rolled oats cooked with skimmed milk, oat bran and cocoa powder. Lunch and dinner consist mainly of chicken, eggs and fish for protein. Leafy vegetables are a must at least once if not twice daily.

I minimise but do not eliminate the intake of rice or noodles as carbohydrates are important not only for energy but also as a mood regulator. I have a grapefruit or orange with an apple every day.

I do not take sugary or gassy drinks, though I love to snack on unprocessed walnuts, cashew nuts and almonds that I buy in bulk and eat with dark chocolate.

I also drink organic honey water mixed with a dash of apple cider vinegar daily.

Josephine Tay, 48

Commodity operation personnel

Height: 1.58m

Weight: 47kg

Exercise routine: I run three to four times a week.

On Saturdays, I swim for 2km to 3km, followed by a 5km to 10km barefoot run on the beach to strengthen my core and ankle muscles.

On non-workout days, I usually do exercises such as planks, sit-ups, leg raises as well as jumping jacks at home

to relax my muscles. I used to go for muay thai training before the pandemic but had to cut down on it.

Diet: My diet consists mainly of food high in protein and good fats. Fresh milk and eggs are a must for breakfast.

I have chicken breast meat , broccoli and eggs together with an avocado and banana milk shake. I love salmon and kimchi and usually have these for dinner.