Hot Bods: Romanian deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats and Latin ballroom dancing

Marketing executive Mabel Lee (left) and freelancer Clarence Teo. ST PHOTOS: TIMOTHY DAVID

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods, marketing executive Mabel Lee, 30, and freelancer Clarence Teo, 31.

Mabel Lee, 30

Marketing executive

Height: 1.66m

Weight: 54kg

Exercise regimen

I work out at a gym thrice a week, doing a mix of cardio and strength exercises.

I also include Romanian deadlifts, push-ups, Bulgarian split squats and hill sprints.

I have Latin ballroom dance lessons twice a week, two hours a session. I also enjoy playing tennis and practising yoga stretches twice a week.


After having tried keto, intermittent fasting and the seven-day General Motors diet (in which one is permitted to eat different foods or food groups each day),

I try to eat in moderation. I include a big portion of vegetables at every meal. As for guilty pleasures, I allow myself fries and fried chicken once or twice a week.

I avoid sugary drinks completely.

Clarence Teo, 31


Height: 1.68m

Weight: 65kg

Exercise regimen

I enjoy all forms of exercise and plan my workouts with performance in mind. I try to keep to a five- to six-day workout schedule and rotate my exercises every three weeks.

My workout consists of power-lifting exercises like benchpress, deadlifts, squats and other kinds of accessory movements like lunging, hinging and pulling. I also do plenty of sports whenever I can and have been boxing for around five years.


A good meal plan is one that is sustainable and I am not quite good at restricting my diet. Instead, I prioritise getting enough protein (1.6x my body weight in grams) and dietary fibre (20g each day). This can come from my meals and supplements. The plan also allows me to cheat with ice cream and the occasional alcoholic drink.

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