Hot Bods: My job as a dance teacher keeps me moving

Dance instructor Aloysius Tan and Ms Cecilia Wong, who works in membership relations and sales. ST PHOTOS: GAVIN FOO

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods, dance instructor Aloysius Tan, 23, and Ms Cecilia Wong, 37, who works in membership relations and sales.

Aloysius Tan, 23

Dancer/spin instructor

Height: 1.69m

Weight: 61kg

Exercise regimen: My full-time job as a dancer keeps me moving at least five days a week. Dance training involves a lot of callisthenics exercises and stretching.

I get my cardio fix from teaching spin classes, and longboarding. As dance and spinning are both cardio-intensive, I balance that out with weight training at home at least twice a week.

Diet: I eat about four meals a day and avoid fast food as much as I can. I am not too particular about food as long as it benefits the next activity that I am doing. For example, I stay away from excessive carbs before I teach a class.

Every meal for me should include a source of protein and vegetables, as well as lots of water.

Cecilia Wong, 37

Membership relations and sales

Height: 1.61m

Weight: 57kg

Exercise regimen: Every week, I teach five to seven spin classes, four to five yoga classes and possibly two to three boxing classes. With the different types of classes, I am able to work on different fitness aspects, such as cardio, flexibility, strength and conditioning.

Diet: I usually have only coffee for breakfast and little snacks such as crackers and nuts before lunch.

I try to eat a little of what I crave but I also believe in moderation. I generally love fibrous fruit and vegetables, so my daily intake definitely consists of a good portion of those.

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