Hot Bods: Museum curator does intermittent fasting daily

Foo Maosheng (left) and Berri Tay. PHOTOS: FOO MAOSHENG, BERRI TAY XIAO SHI

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods - museum curator Foo Maosheng, 33, and marketing manager Berri Tay, 37.

Foo Maosheng, 33

Museum curator

Height: 1.71m

Weight: 69kg

Exercise regimen

I usually work out four days a week in the morning before work. These sessions are mainly weight and strength training.

Each day, I focus on a couple of core muscle groups. Mondays are for arms and shoulders, Tuesdays are for chest and back, Thursdays for legs and core and Fridays for a mix of these different muscle groups.

I do different sets to keep the workout varied. For instance, I have different combinations of normal bench press, dumb bell fly, cable fly, dips and incline bench press for my chest.


I have been practising intermittent fasting (16:8) daily for four and a half years. It helps me lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. With that, I am still able to enjoy foods I like.

Moreover, I make sure I drink around two and a half litres of water daily since thirst may be mistaken as hunger. During my eight-hour eating period, I watch my sugar and carb intake too.

Berri Tay Xiao Shi, 37

Marketing manager

Height: 1.69m

Weight: 57kg

Exercise regimen

I do strength training three to four times a week. Each session ends with a long, slow run.

On weekends, I'm an outdoor enthusiast. I go for long hikes, walks, trail runs or cycling.


I focus on eating nutritionally; lean protein, complex carbs and fibre.

I minimise consuming processed food. Ice cream, fries and pastries are my vices. I learnt to incorporate them into my flexible dieting lifestyle so I am a happy fitness nut.

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