Hot Bods: 'I like to incorporate different elements into my fitness regimen'

Learning specialist Lim Kai Yu (left) and gym marketing manager Sebastian Teo. ST PHOTOS: FELINE LIM

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods: learning specialist Lim Kai Yu, 28, and gym marketing manager Sebastian Teo, 28.

Lim Kai Yu, 28

Learning specialist

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 60kg

Exercise regimen: I like to incorporate different elements - aerobics, strength training and flexibility - into my fitness regimen.

On a weekly basis, I teach an average of four indoor cycling classes, attend two sessions of calisthenics-based personal training and do two sessions of pilates on the Reformer machine.

Diet: I would usually prepare my meals for the work week ahead as I like to have food ready whenever I am hungry or on the go. They are mostly high-protein meals to support the fitness-focused lifestyle. YoloFoods is one of my go-to meal plans if I cannot prepare the meals myself. Otherwise, I eat anything I want and am always excited to explore different cuisines.

Sebastian Teo, 28

Gym marketing manager

Height: 1.8m

Weight: 75kg

Exercise regimen: The majority of my training revolves around calisthenics (body-weight exercises) with the occasional weight and resistance training. I try to train five times a week: two days of pushing exercises, two days of pulling exercises and a day for legs or cardio. Aside from doing marketing for my company @PushPullGive, I also teach calisthenics, lifting and interval training classes daily.

Diet: I do not really control my diet too much, aside from eating less oily and sweet foods. The nature of my training and job makes me expend a lot of energy, so I need a large intake of food to sustain my lifestyle. I usually go for chicken rice, economy rice and dry noodles. I also supplement these foods with protein-based sources such as eggs, tofu, soya milk, peanut butter and protein cereal.

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