My Perfect Weekend with sports nutritionist James Yeo

Video games allows sports nutritionist James Yeo to shut off his brain and recharge. PHOTO: COURTESY OF JAMES YEO

Who: Sports nutritionist James Yeo, 32, works with athletes and business executives, and serves as the head of education at fitness solutions provider DexaFit Asia in Novena. The video-game fan and his girlfriend, a 31-year-old project manager, live in a condominium in Upper Bukit Timah.

"Saturday mornings are study days for the moment, as I'm in the midst of a business investment course. It's online, but it takes up pretty much my whole morning right up to lunch.

If it has been a particularly hectic week, I try to stay in on Saturday afternoons to decompress.

I am a big fan of soups, so for lunch, I often throw a soup together - just broth with some vegetables and protein. If Ifeel lazy, I will just doctor up canned soup - for instance, by adding actual mushrooms to a can of cream of mushroom soup. This makes it tastier, healthier and a more substantial meal.

Post-lunch is very free and easy. Lately, I have been rewatching the Harry Potter films, just for fun.

I am also a video-game fanatic, so I might spend my time PC gaming instead. My main game is MapleStory, which is a massively popular multiplayer online role-playing game. I recently bought an Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset, so I sometimes play on it too. I also like using it for body combat workouts.

Video games allow me to just shut off my brain and recharge. I'm an introvert, but my job requires me to meet a lot of people and be something of an extrovert. So, I just need that alone time on occasion.

If it has been a relatively relaxed week, I will head out after lunch, usually for a hike. Bukit Timah Hill is a favourite haunt. Due to the tree cover, it is not sweltering despite the time of day.

In the evening, my girlfriend and I will stop by a mall in Somerset or Orchard, and just walk around and spend time together. We tend to gravitate towards sports apparel shops - Lululemon, Under Armour and so on - and, unfortunately, frequently come back with more shopping than we intended.

I try to have a lie-in on Sundays before spending the morning catching up with work, straight through to lunch, accompanied by a protein shake.

Lunch is often at the nearby Rail Mall. We frequent Kings Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant for its naan and butter chicken curry set.

I let my girlfriend dictate the rest of the day, whether that means going to the arcade, catching a movie, hanging out at our neighbourhood malls or recharging at home.

On Sunday nights, we normally order in from Grab - whatever pops up on the app when it loads and whatever we crave at the moment. It's nice to just have a quiet night in, to wind down before the week starts again."

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