The Life List: Love Alarm stars all grown up in season two

A still from Love Alarm Season 2 starring Kim So-hyun (left) and Song Kang. PHOTO: NETFLIX

SINGAPORE - In the second season of K-drama Love Alarm, the main characters are no longer high school students and are four years older.

The show is based on a Web comic series set in a world where a mobile app called Love Alarm notifies users whether someone within their vicinity has romantic feelings for them. The app gets an update in season two and can now inform users of who will like them in the future.

But in a video conference with regional press earlier this month, the show's leads, Kim So-hyun (River Where The Moon Rises, 2021) and Song Kang (Sweet Home, 2020), express doubts about using the app if it existed in real life.

Here are five things to know about Love Alarm 2, which is available on Netflix.

All grown up

In season two, the characters are no longer in high school.

Kim, 21, who plays Jo-jo, an orphan with a traumatic past, says: "Jo-jo has more self-confidence and is now more courageous."

Song, 26, who plays the rich and popular Sun-oh, says: "They're not in high school anymore and all the characters have found more strength in themselves."

Director Kim Jin-woo says season two shows a "greater complexity of emotions".

"The way the characters react to the answers provided by the app differs and how they make their choices is explored in a more sophisticated manner."

Who will get the girl?

Jung Ga-ram (left) and Song Kang (right) in season two of Love Alarm. PHOTO: NETFLIX

Much of the first season focuses on a love triangle, with Sun-oh and Hye-young, played by Jung Ga-ram (The Poet And The Boy, 2017), both vying for Jo-jo's love. The love web continues in season two.

Actress Kim says: "Sun-oh is honest, bold and passionate in expressing his feelings, whereas Hye-young is always there for you. He's consistent and thoughtful."

While she is tight-lipped about who Jo-jo will pick, she says she personally prefers the loyal Hye-young.

Director Kim says: "These characters are young and are not done growing yet."

App not for real life

While Song and Kim acknowledge the usefulness of an app like Love Alarm in helping people express their feelings, they have doubts about using it in real life.

Song says: "The app helps you express your feelings if you have difficulty doing so, but it doesn't convey the depth of how you feel. Confessing your emotions in person will be a truer reflection."

Better performances

Kim So-hyun (obscured) and Jung Ga-ram in season two of Love Alarm. PHOTO: NETFLIX

Director Kim applauds the cast's performances this season.

As the story and emotions grow more complicated, the actors have to do more to convey the inner turmoil of their characters.

Actress Kim So-hyun, in particular, blew him away. He says: "She expresses the subtleties of emotions in Jo-jo in such a rich way. Her character has different layers of anger, sadness and happiness. She is able to identify more details in each layer and bring more to her performance."

Forever bros

Aside from love, friendship is also at stake in this season.

High school best friends Sun-oh and Hye-young may have drifted apart when they both fell in love with Jo-jo - some of the series' stills show them coming to blows - but Song says the two characters see each other as more friend than foe.

"They definitely have conflicts, but at the end of the day, they are still good friends."

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