The Life List: K-drama Kiss Sixth Sense's stars love their kissing scenes

Actors Kim Ji-seok (left), Seo Ji-hye (centre) and Yoon Kye-sang at a press conference for K-drama Kiss Sixth Sense. PHOTO: DISNEY+

SINGAPORE - In K-drama Kiss Sixth Sense, Seo Ji-hye (Crash Landing On You, 2019) plays a woman named Hong Ye-sul who can see the future when her lips come into contact with another person.

In a video conference interview with regional media, actor Yoon Kye-sang (The Outlaws, 2017), who plays her overbearing boss Cha Min-hoo, says the best part of working on the drama is the many kiss scenes he shares with Seo.

Here are five things to know about the Disney+ romantic comedy series inspired by a webtoon called Sixth Sense Kiss.

1. Tantalising premise

Seo Ji-hye stars as Hong Ye-sul, who can see the future when her lips come into contact with another person. PHOTO: DISNEY+

In this romance with a twist, Ye-sul accidentally kisses her caustic, demanding boss Min-hoo and gets a glimpse of their future - one in which they passionately embrace in bed.

Actor Kim Ji-seok (When The Camellia Blooms, 2019), who plays Ye-sul's former boyfriend Lee Pil-yo, says the plot attracted him to the drama.

The 41-year-old says: "This drama is unique compared with other shows. It cuts to the future first through Ye-sul's visions, and then it shows in detail how things get to that point. It makes you wonder whether what she sees will become reality."

Meanwhile, Yoon, 43, jokes: "I wanted to try doing a fantasy romance and I was also drawn by the fact that I share many kissing scenes with Ji-hye."

2. Plenty of comedy

Lead actress Seo, 37, says the cast did not exaggerate the comedic elements of the show and opted to let the funny parts of the script shine through naturally.

She says: "Scenes in which Ye-sul and Min-hoo squabble tend to be very funny. There are also scenes that are actually part of Ye-sul's imagination and Min-hoo would act completely out of character in those scenarios. Those are memorable too."

3. Spoilt for choice

Yoon Kye-sang stars as Cha Min-hoo, Ye-sul's caustic, overbearing boss. PHOTO: DISNEY+

In the series, Ye-sul is in a love triangle with Min-hoo, a well-known advertising executive, and Pil-yo, an award-winning film director who seeks her out years after their break-up.

When asked who she would choose, Seo says: "This is such a pleasant situation to be in because both their characters are great. Her former boyfriend is successful and famous, while her boss is a total genius at his job. I don't want to pick, I want them both."

4. First love feels

Doing the drama brought Kim back to his youth and days of puppy love.

"A lot of the scenes involving my character and Ji-hye's are set in our early 20s, when we were lovers sharing kisses," he says. "It reminded me of my first love and gave me heart-fluttering vibes again."

And the scene in which the former flames reunite many years after going their separate ways is one that sticks in his mind.

"I was very nervous before filming because I couldn't imagine saying the things my character tells Ye-sul. I tried to not see Ji-hye at all before we shot the scene to keep the tension," he says.

5. Superpowered stars

Kim Ji-seok , who plays Ye-sul's former boyfriend Lee Pil-yo, says the plot attracted him to the drama. PHOTO: DISNEY+

With a clairvoyance premise built into the show, the stars share the superpowers they would like to have.

Seo, a self-professed workaholic like her character, says: "I'm always short on time, so being able to teleport would be great."

Yoon says: "I would like to be invisible. As an actor, it'll be great to be able to look at how other people live and use that in my acting."

Kim makes his co-stars laugh with his answer. "I'd like to be like Wolverine - he has incredible self-healing powers. I'm really into anti-ageing nowadays and I'd love to be young and healthy like that all the time."

Kiss Sixth Sense is available on Disney+.

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