Taiwanese star Show Lo is getai singer Wang Lei's most famous fan

Wang Lei (right) had resorted to livestreaming last April to make a living during the Covid-19 pandemic. PHOTOS: SHOWLO, LEI.WANG /INSTAGRAM

Local getai singer Wang Lei, 60, who became a hit on social media for selling frozen fish and other seafood on livestream, has a famous fan - Taiwanese star Show Lo.

On Tuesday (Feb 23), Lo posted an endearing exchange between himself and Wang, who calls himself "Fish Seller Brother" in Chinese, on Instagram Stories.

Actor and singer Lo, 41, had sent Wang a supportive message: "Hahahaha Brother Wang, how are you? I like you very much because you bring so much joy to everyone. Awesome."

Wang, known for his expletive-laden sales pitches, responded in disbelief: "You're really Show Lo!"

He then asked: "Or are you his assistant?"

Lo's assistant had got into trouble last December over some leaked messages which implied that a certain "chairman" was having an affair with an influencer and doing it "once a week".

The assistant claimed his phone had been hacked, but it did not help Lo's already tarnished reputation, after ex-girlfriend Grace Chow spilled the beans on his womanising during their nine-year relationship last April.

Lo, though, took Wang's remark with good humour, confirming his identity and quipping: "Are you really Wang Lei or are you the assistant?"

Wang had resorted to livestreaming last April to make a living during the Covid-19 pandemic, but now earns more money as an online fishmonger than he used to singing at getai.

Last September, he signed a six-figure deal to become the first ambassador of Jack Neo's Asia Momentum Media Entertainment and went on a nine-day promotional tour in Malaysia.

His popularity has also spread to China and Taiwan, and he even joked that he is as popular as Taiwanese megastar Jay Chou.

While he may not quite be there yet, his business may be getting a boost after top fan Lo posted a screenshot of their conversation, tagged him and remarked: "An encounter with Fish Seller Brother. Too cool."

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