Taiwanese rockers Power Station want to show their gentler, sweeter side

Rock duo Power Station's poster for their upcoming Aug 20 show is pink, a signal to expect to see a softer side. PHOTOS: HIM INTERNATIONAL MUSIC

SINGAPORE - The poster for Taiwanese rock act Power Station's upcoming show is pink - a colour more commonly used for the gigs of female performers such as Taiwan's Cyndi Wang or Malaysia's Fish Leong.

The posters of the rockers' previous shows here were in the stereotypically "macho" colours of blood red, black and white. The pink is a signal to expect to see a softer side at their concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Aug 20.

The duo's members - Yu Chiu-hsin and Yen Chih-lin - told Singapore media from Taipei on July 21that their show will focus on love songs. This is in line with their most recent album, Because Of Love (2021), which features sentimental numbers such as If Only The Sea Could, which is marked by ethereal and emotional singing, as well as The One and Cut Me Dead.

Yu, 53, said: "This time, we hope to show something gentler, sweeter, softer. It will not be as masculine."

Their outfits will also feature more patterns and colours, unlike the darker shades they typically don. Yen, 54, said: "We want to show we are also men who are tender, warm and understanding."

Asked if the new approach might alienate fans, Yu replied: "We are not worried about that. After all, the response to our new album has been really positive."

Among the newer songs expected on the set list is Let Bygones Be Bygones, released in 2020 and billed as a sequel to their 2001 hit Walking On Chung Hsiao East Road Nine Times. Although the follow-up has been played more than 1.2 million times on Spotify, the duo said they are unlikely to release sequels to other iconic tracks.

Yu said: "Let Bygones Be Bygones was quite special because we invited Wu Yu-kang - who wrote the lyrics for the original song - to also pen the lyrics. But I don't think we will do it more than once or the approach of revisiting a past work will not be fresh any more."

Another shoo-in song is Love Me True, which is about a person's gullibility when blinded by love. The hit is No. 30 on this year's U1000 Music Countdown, an annual event by local radio station UFM100.3. Fans are also likely to hear older favourites, such as I Can Take Hardships, Ruthless Love Letter and Who Else To Love But You.

Power Station's upcoming show will be their first at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The group, which debuted in 1997, previously performed in smaller venues such as The Star Theatre and Resorts World Ballroom.

Yu said: "Our directorial team is very good, so everything about our performance will be bigger."

In addition, Singapore singer-songwriter Boon Hui Lu is slated to be their guest performer. Although they have not decided which song to perform together, the group said they have covered songs by female singers before, such as Jolin Tsai's Play and Stefanie Sun's Green Light.

Although they are eagerly anticipating their Singapore gig, there was a scare earlier in July when Yen tested positive for Covid-19, with mild symptoms such as dizziness and a cough. Thankfully, Yu tested negative.

Yen said: "I have recovered, but feel my lung capacity is less than before. When I sing, it is not as smooth. Perhaps it is because I've recovered only recently."

But he added that it was still "early days" before their show here in August.

Power Station Because Of Love world tour in Singapore

Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk
When: Aug 20, 8pm
Admission: $98 to $208 from the Ticketmaster website or call 3158-8588.

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