Taiwanese entertainer Show Lo buries the hatchet with former agent Sun Te-jung

The duo fell out after Show Lo (left) was reported to have accused Sun Te-jung of sexual harassment. PHOTO: SHOWLO/INSTAGRAM

Disgraced Taiwanese entertainer Show Lo is eyeing an comeback and he may be doing with the help of an unlikely person - his former agent Sun Te-jung.

Sun, 60, who is most famous for engineering the success of boyband 5566, had managed Lo some 20 years ago but the duo fell out after Lo, 41, was reported to have accused Sun of sexual harassment.

On Sunday (Feb 7), Lo posted on social media a photo of him with Sun and wrote in a comment to a fan: "Haha, our misunderstanding has been resolved. I am bro now with Mr Sun."

Lo's career had come to a halt in April last year after his former girlfriend, Chinese influencer Grace Chow, 32, accused him of cheating on her and hosting sex parties in an explosive post on Weibo.

Even as Lo faced criticism from all sides, Sun defended him surprisingly by urging the media to give Lo and Chow space and not to add fuel to the fire.

According to Taiwan's Apple Daily, Lo and Sun fell out about 20 years ago over a contractual dispute. Lo thought he was abandoned by Sun, while Sun thought Lo betrayed him.

Apple Daily reported on Sunday that Sun had reached out to Lo after being diagnosed with cancer a few years ago.

Both of them cleared the air, with Lo clarifying that he had never accused Sun of sexual harassment.

Sun told the media that he has found his "long-lost eldest son", and said Lo has grown up and become more meticulous.

Sun said he would help Lo to stage a comeback after Lo's image took a serious beating due to the Grace Chow scandal, but had no detailed plans for now.

He urged Lo to lie low for now and take things one step at a time due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic.

"I feel sorry for him, as many things about him have been exaggerated, so I must help him," he was quoted as saying.

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