Taiwan train crash: Model Chiling Lin donates $189K to victims

Taiwanese model-actress Chiling Lin would donate the sum of money in her personal capacity.
Taiwanese model-actress Chiling Lin would donate the sum of money in her personal capacity.PHOTOS: CHILING LIN/INSTAGRAM, REUTERS

TAIPEI - Taiwanese model-actress Chiling Lin has announced she is donating NT$4 million (S$189,000) to the victims of Taiwan's worst rail accident in seven decades.

A Taiwanese express train collided into a truck which had slid down a sloping road from a building site on Friday (April 2), with at least 50 people killed and more than 200 people injured in the incident.

Lin, 46, said she would donate the sum of money in her personal capacity in a statement made on the Facebook page of Chiling Charity Foundation early on Tuesday.

Her charity organisation said in the statement in Chinese: "Let's hope there is warm light at the end of darkness."

It added: "Thanks to the rescuers and the medical staff for their hard work... We will help out with the aftermath by using the donation to assist the injured and provide support and treatment."

The charity organisation also listed its past donations. It had provided money for the medical expenses, financial support and the school fees of children for families affected by the Kaohsiung gas explosions in 2014 and the Tainan earthquake in 2016.

The statement ended with: "What we can do is really limited, but we hope to continue to use love and courage to bring you strength."

Other celebrities who have donated to the victims of the accident include Taiwanese singer Waa Wei, Taiwanese actor Sampan Wu and Hong Kong actor Chapman To, who is currently based in Taiwan.

Lin, who is married to Japanese actor Akira, is known for her charity work.

She set up the Chiling Charity Foundation in 2011 and has also given donations to victims of Typhoon Morakot in 2009, the Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011 and the Hualien earthquake in 2018.